Flaking Mill Rolls

These heavy duty flaking rolls are designed specifically to withstand high pressures and related heat when rolling or crushing corn, bran and rice into cereal flakes, bio fuel mass, feed stock and assorted other engineered food forms.

Manufactured with thicker, hardened alloy steel outer shells with a heavy-duty internal mandrel and journals, these custom-manufactured chill rolls offer an extended production life without shell cracking, weld cracking, or leaky ends.

Instead of welded ends, roll journals and the internal mandrel are shrink-fitted into the outer shells with precise tolerances. A mechanical seal is also added on the roll ends for extra security. Internal water passages are precision-engineered to properly control increased temperatures resulting from the high-pressure nip process. Outer roll surfaces are ground to within .0002" TIR to assure better nip tolerances and more consistent flakes.

Ideal for:

  • crushing corn, grain and rice for engineered products
  • flaking corn, rice and grain for cereal production
  • bio fuel production
  • cereal production
  • wet or dry milling
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