Thermal-Flo® Heating and Cooling Rolls

Thermal-Flo rolls are designed for optimum balance between heat transfer, minimal pressure drop inside the roll, correct fluid velocity, and minimum temperature rise across the roll face. Our designs are so precise, we can guarantee temperatures to within +1°F across the face of the roll.

Your heat transfer roll can be constructed with carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and alloy steel. Expect ultra-tight tolerance of less than .0001 inches TIR. Our chrome-plated, double-shelled heat transfer rolls are particularly well known for precise temperature control in plastic and film converting.

• Computerized heat transfer analysis for optimum roll design and performance
• Single and double shell roll designs
• Corona treatment roll designs
• Finishes from chrome to ceramic to rubber covered
• Complete roll refurbishing

PFE also repairs and manufactures ASME code-certified rolls
     • R, U and UM stamp approval
     • Certified to weld up to 8-inch thick metal

Contact PFE today for assistance on your heating or cooling roll specifications. You'll find the personal service and engineering expertise to help you achieve your process requirements right the first time.

Let PFE be your single source for distinctive rolls every time.